This list has been compiled using various sources, including several old gazetteers from the 1800s, by Catherine Parziale and Michelle McKenzie. Special help furnished by Meredith Ricker at UNH and Nancy Dutton at the NH State Preservation Office. A special thanks to James S. Pringle, Ph.D. who has found the most obscure towns yet, and to Sherry Holmes who has added a few more.


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Abbottville See Concord
Acworth Sullivan Co.
Adams Coos Co.
Albany Carroll Co.
Alder Brook See Bethlehem
Alexandria Grafton Co.
Allens Mills See Gilmanton
Allenstown Merrimac Co.
Alpine See Pringle Notes
Alstead Cheshire Co.
Alstead Center Cheshire Co.
Alton Belknap Co.
Alton Bay Belknap Co.
Ames See Gilford
Amherst Hillsborough Co.
Ammonoosuc See Thompson & Meserve's Purchase
Amoskeag See Manchester
Andover Merrimac Co.
Antrim Hillsborough Co.
Antrim Center Hillsborough Co.
Apple Town See Concord
Appledore See Gosport
Apthorp see Dalton
Arlington See Winchester
Ashland Grafton Co.
Ashuelot Cheshire Co.
Atkinson Rockingham Co.
Atkinson & Gilmanton Acad. Grant Coos Co.
Atkinson Depot See Plaistow
Atlantic See Seabrook
Atlantic Heights See Portsmouth
Auburn Rockingham Co.
Austin's Corner See Kensington
Avalanche, P.O. See Pringle Notes


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Baboosic Lake See Amherst
Back River See Dover
Bagley See Warner
Bailey's Corner See Dunbarton
Bakersville See Manchester
Bald Hill Distric See Manchester
Balloch See Cornish
Ballou See Jaffrey
Ballou City See Pringle Notes
Bangor See Gorham
Banks Village See New Ipswich
Barker's Location Coos Co.
Barnstead Belknap Co.
Barnstead Parade See Barnstead
Barrett Grafton Co.
Barrington Strafford Co.
Bartlett Coos Co.
Base Station (Marsh-Field) See Thompson & Meserve's Purchase
Bass Beach (Part See Rye
Bass Beach (Part) See North Hampton
Batchelder's Corner See Hampton Falls
Bath Grafton Co.
Battle Street See Webster
Bay Meeting House See Sanbornton
Bayside See Greenland
Bean Island See Candia
Bean's Grant Coos Co.
Bean's Purchase Coos Co.
Bear Island See Meredith
Beatties See Stratford
Bedford (town name not settlement) Hillsborough Co.
Bedford Center Hillsborough Co.
Beebe River See Campton
Beechwood Corners See Fitzwilliam
Belknap Point See Gilford
Bellamy See Dover
Bellows Town see Walpole
Belmont Belknap Co.
Belmont Junction See Tilton
Bennett Corners See Tamworth
Bennington Hillsborough Co.
Benton Grafton Co.
Benton Street Grafton Co.
Berlin Coos Co.
Berlin Mills Coos Co.
Berry's Corner See Strafford
Bethlehem Grafton Co.
Bethlehem Hollow See Bethlehem
Bethlehem Junction See Bethlehem
Birch Hill See New Durham
Birchdale See Concord
Black Hill See Concord
Blackmount Station See Haverhill
Blackwater See Dover
Blackwater District See Somersworth
Blair See Campton
Blodgett See Allenstown
Blodgett Landing See Newbury
Blood See Nashua
Bloody Corner See Somersworth
Bonds Corner See Dublin
Boscawen Merrimac Co.
Bow (town name, not settlement) Merrimac Co.
Bow Center See Bow
Bow Junction See Bow
Bow Lake Village See Strafford
Bow Mills See Bow
Bow Street See Franklin
Bowkerville See Fitzwilliam
Bowman See Randolph
Boyce See Canterbury
Boyle See Gilsum
Boynton Park See Portsmouth
Boy Mountain Station See Pringle Notes
Bradford Merrimac Co.
Bradford Center See Bradford
Break of Day See Concord
Breakfast Hill See Rye
Breezy Point See Warren
Brenton's Farm see Litchfield
Brentwood Rockingham Co.
Brentwood Corners See Brentwood
Bretton Woods See Carroll
Brick Yard See Somersworth
Bridgewater Grafton Co.
Bridgewater Station See Pringle Notes
Brightwood See Newbury
Brimstone Hill See Portsmouth
Bristol Grafton Co.
Broad Cove See Concord
Brookdale See Alton
Brookfield Carroll Co.
Brookfield Station See Brookfield
Brookhurst See Alton
Brookline Hillsborough Co.
Buck's Corner See Dorchester
Bungy See Columbia
Bungy See Pringle Notes
Burkehaven See Sunapee
Burleyville Station See Wakefield
Burton See Albany


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Cable Road See Rye
Calef Hill Road See Franklin
Cambridge Coos Co.
Camden See Washington
Camp Crossing See Epping
Campbell's Gore See Windsor
Campton Grafton Co.
Campton Bog See Campton
Campton Hollow See Campton
Campton Lower Village See Campton
Campton Station See Campton
Campton Upper Village See Campton
Canaan Grafton Co.
Canaan Center See Canaan
Canaan Street See Canaan
Candia Rockingham Co.
Candia Post Office & Station See Candia
Canobie Lake See Salem
Canterbury Merrimac Co.
Canterbury Center See Canterbury
Canterbury Station See Canterbury
Cardigan See Orange
Cardigan Station See Grafton
Carrigain See Pringle Notes
Carroll Coos Co.
Cascade (part) See Berlin
Cascade (part) See Gorham
Cavender See Hancock
Cemetery Hill See Franklin
Center Barnstead See Barnstead
Center Conway See Conway
Center Effingham See Effingham
Center Harbor Belknap Co.
Center Haverhill See Haverhill
Center Langdon See Langdon
Center Ossipee See Ossipee
Center Sandwich See Sandwich
Center Strafford See Strafford
Center Tuftonboro See Tuftonboro
Central Park See Somersworth
Chadbourne & Hart's Lctn Coos Co.
Chandler Station See Newport
Chandler's Purchase Coos Co.
Charlestown Sullivan Co.
Charmingfare see Candia
Chase Village See Weare
Chase's Corner See Concord
Chateau Guay (part) See Concord
Chateau Guay (part) See Bow
Chatham Carroll Co.
Cheever See Dorchester
Chemung See Pringle Notes
Cherry Mountain See Jefferson
Chesham See Harrisville
Cheshire see Chester
Chester Rockingham Co.
Chesterfield Cheshire Co.
Chichester Merrimac Co.
Chichester Station See Epsom
Chickenboro See Campton
Chicks Corner See Sandwich
Chiswick see Littleton
Chocorua See Tamworth
Chocorua Inn See Tamworth
Christian Hollow See Walpole
Christian Shore See Portsmouth
Churchill See Portsmouth
Cilleyville See Andover
Clam Shell Road See Somersworth
Claremont Sullivan Co.
Claremont Center See Claremont
Claremont Junction See Claremont
Clarksville Coos Co.
Clarksville Town Hall See Clarksville
Clinton Grove See Weare
Clinton Village See Antrim
Cocheco See Dover
Cockermouth see Groton
Cockermouth see Hebron
Colburne see Colebrook
Colby See Henniker
Cold River See Walpole
Cold River District See Langdon
Colebrook Coos Co.
College Lands See Dartmouth
Columbia Coos Co.
Columbia Bridge See Columbia
Concord see Lisbon
Concord Merrimac Co.
Concord Heights See Concord
Concord Manor See Concord
Concord Point See Rye
Condon Corner See Langdon
Cones See Columbia
Contoocook See Boscawen
Converse Station See Danbury
Converseville See Rindge
Conway Carroll Co.
Conway Street See Conway
Coos Junction See Lancaster
Coos P.O. See Pringle Notes
Copperville See Milan
Cornish Sullivan Co.
Cornish Center See Cornish
Cornish City See Cornish
Cornish Flat Sullivan Co.
Cornish Mills See Cornish
Cotton Valley Station See Wolfeboro
Courser Hill See Webster
Coventry see Benton
Cowbell Corners See Salem
Crawford House See Carroll
Crawford Notch See Crawford's Purchase
Crawfords See Crawford's Purchase
Crawford's Purchase Coos Co.
Crawleys Falls See Brentwood
Crockett Corner See New London
Crocketts Crossing See Rollinsford
Crown Hill See Nashua
Croydon Sullivan Co.
Croydon Flat See Croydon
Crystal See Stark
Curtisville See Concord
Cushings See Dover
Cushman See Dalton
Cutts' Grant Coos Co.


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Dalton Coos Co.
Danbury Grafton Co.
Dantzick see New London
Dantzick see Newbury
Danville Rockingham Co.
Darby Field Pinkham's Grant
Dartmouth see Jefferson
Davis See New Ipswich
Davis See New Durham
Davis Meeting House See Effingham
Davisville See Warner
Deephaven See Holderness
Deer Park See Nashua
Deerfield See Bethlehem
Deerfield Rockingham Co.
Deerfield Center See Deerfield
Deerfield Parade See Deerfield
Deering Hillsborough Co.
Deering Center See Deering
Derry Rockingham Co.
Derry Village See Derry
Derryfield See Manchester
Diamond Hill See Concord
Dimond See Warner
Dingit Corner See Webster
Dix Grant Coos Co.
Dixville Coos Co.
Dixville Notch Coos Co.
Dodge Hollow See Lempster
Dodge Tavern See Walpole
Dole Junction See Hinsdale
Dole-Babbit Road See Franklin
Dolly Copp Forest Camp See Martin's Location
Doolittle See Hinsdale
Dorchester Grafton Co.
Dorchester Town Hall See Dorchester
Dorrs Corner See Ossipee
Dover Strafford Co.
Dover Neck See Dover
Dover Point See Dover
Drake's Corner See Effingham
Drewsville see Walpole
Drury See Peterborough
Dublin Cheshire Co.
Dummer Coos Co.
Dunbarton Merrimac Co.
Dunbarton Center See Dunbarton
Dundee See Jackson
Dunstable see Nashua
Dupplin see Lempster
Durand see Randolph
Durham Strafford Co.


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East Acworth Sullivan Co.
East Alstead Cheshire Co.
East Alton Belknap Co.
East Andover Merrimack Co.
East Barrington Strafford Co.
East Bear Island See Meredith
East Candia Rockingham Co.
East Canterbury Merrimack Co.
East Concord Merrimack Co.
East Conway Carroll Co.
East Deering Hillsborough Co.
East Derry Rockingham Co.
East Freedom Carroll Co.
East Gilford See Pringle Notes
East Grafton Grafton Co.
East Hampstead Rockingham Co.
East Harrisville Cheshire Co.
East Haverhill Grafton Co.
East Hebron Grafton Co.
East Holderness Grafton Co.
East Jaffrey Cheshire Co.
East Kingston Rockingham Co.
East Lempster Sullivan Co.
East Madison Carroll Co.
East Manchester Hillsborough Co.
East Milford Hillsborough Co.
East Orford Grafton Co.
East Plainfield Sullivan Co.
East Pleasant Street See Franklin
East Rindge Cheshire Co.
East Rochester Strafford Co.
East Sandwich Chapel See Sandwich
East Springfield Sullivan Co.
East Sullivan Cheshire Co.
East Sutton Merrimack Co.
East Swanzey Cheshire Co.
East Tilton Belknap Co.
East Town See Wakefield
East Unity Sullivan Co.
East Wakefield Carroll Co.
East Washington Sullivan Co.
East Weare Merrimack Co.
East Westmoreland Cheshire Co.
East Wolfeboro Carroll Co.
Eastman Point See Hampton
Eastman's Corner See Kensington
Easton Grafton Co.
Eastview Station See Harrisville
Eaton Carroll Co.
Eaton Center Carroll Co.
Echo Lake See Marlow
Edgemont See Newbury
Edgewood See Keene
Effingham Carroll Co.
Effingham Falls See Effingham
Elkins Merrimack Co.
Ellsworth Grafton Co.
Elmwood See Danbury
Elmwood See Hancock
Emerson Station See Henniker
Enfield Grafton Co.
Enfield Center Grafton Co.
Epping Rockingham Co.
Epsom Merrimac Co.
Epsom Station See Epsom
Errol Coos Co.
Erving's Location Coos Co.
Etna Grafton Co.
Everett See Weare
Exeter Rockingham Co.


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Fabyan Coos Co.
Factory Village See Colebrook
Fairfield See Woodstock
Fairmount Heights See Nashua
Fairview See Woodstock
Farmington Strafford Co.
Farrington's Corner See Concord
Fells See Newbury
Fernald See Wolfeboro
Ferncroft See Albany
Fessenden See Weare
Fish Market Grafton Co.
Fishersfield see Newbury
Fisherville See Penacook
Fittsville See Pringle Notes
Fitzwilliam Cheshire Co.
Fitzwilliam Depot See Fitzwilliam
Fogg Corners See Hampton Falls
Fords Crossing See Danbury
Fords Mill See Danbury
Forest Lake See Winchester
Fort Dummer see Hinsdale
Foss Beach See Rye
Fosterville See Concord
Foundry See Colebrook
Four Corners See Candia
Four Corners See Freedom
Four Corners See Keene
Fox Head Point See No. Hampton
Foye's Corner See Rye
Francestown Hillsborough Co.
Francestown Village See Francestown
Franconia Grafton Co.
Franklin Merrimac Co.
Franklin Junction See Franklin
Freedom Carroll Co.
Freemans Point See Portsmouth
Freemont Rockingham Co.
Freetown see Raymond
Fremont Station See Fremont
French Acre See Nashua
Friends Meeting House See Pittsfield


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Gale River See Pringle Notes
Gardners Grove See Belmont
Garrison See Concord
Garrison Hill See Dover
Gaza Belknap Co.
Gee Mill See Marlow
Georges See Columbia
George's Mills Sullivan Co.
Gerrish See Boscawen
Gerrish Corner See Webster
Gilbert's Corner See Orford
Gilboa Station See Westmoreland
Gilford Belknap Co.
Gilford Station See Gilford
Gilman's Corner Grafton Co.
Gilmanton Belknap Co.
Gilmanton Hill See Bethlehem
Gilmanton Iron Works Belknap Co.
Gilsum Cheshire Co.
Gladstone Flats See Manchester
Glen Carroll Co.
Glen House See Green's Grant
Glencliff Grafton Co.
Glendale Belknap Co.
Glenwood Street See Franklin
Golf Links See Pringle Notes
Goffs Falls See Manchester
Goffstown Hillsborough Co.
Gonic Strafford Co.
Goodrich Falls See Bartlett
Goose Hollow See Thornton
Gorham Coos Co.
Goshen Sullivan Co.
Gosport Rockingham Co.
Gossville Merrimack Co.
Grafton Grafton Co.
Grafton (center) Grafton Co.
Grange Coos Co.
Granite Carroll Co.
Granite State Park See Dover
Granliden See Sunapee
Grantham Sullivan Co.
Grasmere Hillsborough Co.
Grasmere Junction See Goffstown
Grasmere Station See Goffstown
Great Boars Head Rockingham Co.
Great Island see New Castle
Great Meadow see Westmoreland
Green Hill See Jackson
Greenfield Hillsborough Co.
Greenland Rockingham Co.
Greenland Station See Greenland
Greenland Village Station See Greenland
Green's Grant Coos Co.
Greenville Hillsboro Co.
Groton Grafton Co.
Groveton Coos Co.
Guild Sullivan Co.
Guinea See Hampton
Guinea Ridge See Gilmanton


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Hadley See Jaffrey
Hadley's Purchase Coos Co.
Halcyon Station See Andover
Hale's Location Carroll Co.
Hale's Town see Weare
Hallsville See Manchester
Hampshire Road See Salem
Hampstead Rockingham Co.
Hampstead Handle See Hampstead
Hampton Rockingham Co.
Hampton Beach See Hampton
Hampton Falls Rockingham Co.
Hampton Falls Station See Hampton Falls
Hancock Hillsborough Co.
Hanover Grafton Co.
Hanover Center See Hanover
Hansonville See Rochester
Happy Corner See Pittsburg
Happy Valley Hillsborough Co.
Hardscrabble See Lyme
Harrisville See Cheshire
Harrisville see Nelson
Harrisville see Dublin
Harrisville Station See Harrisville
Harrytown See Manchester
Hart's Location Carroll Co.
Harvey District See Manchester
Hastings See New London
Haverhill Grafton Co.
Haverhill Road Corner See Kensington
Hawke see Danville
Hayes See Rochester
Hayes Corner See Milton
Haymarket Square See Portsmouth
Hazen See Whitefield
Hebron Grafton Co.
Hedding See Epping
Hell Gate See Atkinson & Gilmanton Academy Grant
Hemlock Center See Charlestown
Henniker Merrimack Co.
Henniker Junction See Henniker
High Bridge See New Ipswich
High Rock See Nashua
High Street See Albany
Highland District See Manchester
Hill Grafton Co.
Hill (town name, not settlement) Merrimack Co
Hill Center See Hill
Hill Town See Bartlett
Hill Village See Hill, Merrimack Co
Hillville See Pringle Notes
Hills Corner Canterbury
Hillsborough Hillsborough Co.
Hillsborough Center See Hillsborough
Hillsborough Lower Village See Hillsborough
Hillsborough Upper Village See Hillsborough
Hilton See Dover
Hinsdale Cheshire Co.
Holden Hill See Langdon
Holderness. Grafton Co.
Hollis Hillsborough Co.
Hollis Station See Nashua
Holton See Deering
Hooks Crossing See Auburn
Hooksett Merrimack Co.
Hooksett Line See Hooksett
Hopkinton Merrimack Co.
Hornetown See Farmington
Horse Corner See Chichester
Horse Hill See Concord
Horse Meadows See Pringle Notes
Howeville See Fitzwilliam
Hoyt's Corner See Bradford
Hubbard See Derry
Hudson Hillsborough Co.
Hudson Center See Hudson


Idlewilde See Pittsburg
Indian Head See Lincoln
Indian Head See Nashua
Indian Stream see Pittsburg
Interlaken Park See Laconia
Intervale See Bartlett
Intervale (part) See Conway
Ipswich Canada See New Ipswich
Iron Works See Concord
Isle of Hooksett see Hooksett

J & K

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Jackson Coos Co.
Jackson Carroll Co.
Jaffrey Cheshire Co.
Jamestown See Pringle Notes
Janesville See Manchester
Janverlin Hill See Somersworth
Jefferson Coos Co.
Jefferson Highlands See Jefferson
Jefferson Junction See Pringle Notes
Jefferson Meadows See Jefferson
Jefferson Mills See Pringle Notes
Jenness Beach See Rye
Jericho See Bartlett
Jericho See Landaff
Jim Town See Gorham
Johnson See Lincoln
Joppa See Warner
Joslin Station See Keene
Kearsarge see Wilmot
Kearsarge Gore Hillsborough Co.
Keene Cheshire Co.
Keewaydin See Pringle Notes
Kellyville See Newport
Kensington Rockingham Co.
Kidderville See Colebrook
Kilkenny Coos Co.
Kingston Rockingham Co.


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Laconia Belknap Co.
Lafayette See Pringle Notes
Lake Cottages See Webster
Lake Shore Park See Gilford
Lake Sunapee See Newport
Lakeport See Laconia
Lakeside See New London
Lakeview See Moultonborough
Lakewood Station See Ossipee
Lamprey's Corner See Kensington
Lancaster Coos Co.
Landaff Grafton Co.
Landing See Dover
Lane's New Boston see New Boston
Langdon Sullivan Co.
Lang's Corner See Rye
Laskey Corner See Durham
Laton Farm See Nashua
Laurel Post Office See Milford
Laurier Plat See Somersworth
Leavitt's Hill See Deerfield
Leavitt's Town see Effingham
Lebanon Grafton Co.
Lee Strafford Co.
Lee Center See Lee
Lees Mills See Moultonborough
Leighton Corners See Ossipee
Leighton Corners See Strafford
Lempster Sullivan Co.
Lempster Street See Lempster
Lightning Hill See Concord
Lily Pond See Gilford
Limerick see Stoddard
Lincoln Grafton Co.
Lisbon Grafton Co.
Litchfield Hillsborough Co.
Little Boar's Head Rockingham Co.
Little Harbor See Newcastle
Littlefield See Newfields
Little's Hill See Webster
Little's Station See Nashua
Littleton Grafton Co.
Littleworth See Dover
Livermore Grafton Co.
Lochmere See Tilton
Lockehaven See Enfield
Lockes Corner See Barnstead
Log Cabin See Gilford
Londonderry Rockingham Co.
Long Hill See Dover
Long Island See Moultonborough
Loon Cove See Alton
Lords Hill See Effingham
Lost Nation See Lancaster
Lost River Reservation See Woodstock
Loudon Merrimac Co.
Loudon Center See Loudon
Loudon Village See Loudon
Louisville See Pringle Notes
Lovejoy Sands See Meredith
Loverens Mill See Antrim
Low & Burbanks Grant Coos Co.
Lower Ashuelot See Swanzey
Lower Bartlett See Bartlett
Lower Cohos see Haverhill
Lower Gilmanton Belknap Co.
Lower Shaker Village See Enfield
Lower Square See Dover
Lower Village (Gilsum) See Gilsum
Lower Village (Warner) See Warner
Lydeborough Center See Lydeborough
Lyfords Crossing See Fremont
Lyfords Siding See Thornton
Lyman Grafton Co.
Lyme Grafton Co.
Lyme Center See Lyme
Lyndeborough Hillsborough Co.
Lyndeborough Center See Lyndeborough
Lynn See Ackworth


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Madbury Strafford Co.
Madison Carroll Co.
Madison Station See Madison
Manchester Hillsborough Co.
Manning Hill See Winchester
Mapleton See Stratford
Maplewood See Weare
Maplewood See Bethlehem
Marlborough Cheshire Co.
Marlborough Depot See Marlborough
Marlow Cheshire Co.
Marlow Hill See Marlow
Marshall's Corner See Brentwood
Martin See Hooksett
Martin Crossing See Epping
Martin's Ferry Merrimack Co.
Martin's Location Coos Co.
Mascoma See Lebanon
Mason Hillsborough Co.
Mason Station See Mason
Masons See Stratford
Mason's Hill See Portsmouth
Massabesic See Manchester
Mast Yard See Concord
Mathews Station See Wakefield
Maynesboro' see Berlin
Meaderboro Corner See Rochester
Meadow Brook See Gilford
Meadows See Jefferson
Meeting House Hill See Deerfield
Melrose See Newbury
Melvin Mills See Warner
Melvin Village See Tuftonboro
Meredith Belknap Co.
Meredith Center See Meredith
Meredith Hill See Meredith
Meriden See Plainfield
Meriden Hill See Columbia
Merrill Corners See Farmington
Merrimack Hillsborough Co.
Merry Meeting Lake See New Durham
Messers See Salem
Middleton Strafford Co.
Middleton Corners See Middleton
Milan Coos Co.
Mile Slip See Milford
Milford Hillsborough Co.
Mill Hollow See Alstead
Mill Village See Goshen
Mill Village See Stoddard
Millsfield Coos Co.
Millville See Concord
Millville See Salem
Milton Strafford Co.
Milton Mills Strafford Co.
Mineral Spring See Gorham
Mirror Lake See Tuftonboro
Mirror lake See Woodstock
Monadnock, No. 2 See Dublin
Monadnock, No. 3 See Jaffrey
Monadnock, No. 4 See Fitzwilliam
Monadnock, No. 5 See Marlborough
Monroe Grafton Co.
Montcalm See Pringle Notes
Montclare See Newbury
More's Corner See Easton
Morristown see Franconia
Moultonborough Carroll Co.
Moultonborough addition See New Hampton
Moultonborough Falls See Moultonborough
Moulton's Ridge See Kensington
Moultonville See Ossipee
Mount Ararat See Salem
Mount Carrigain See Hart's Location
Mount Major See Alton
Mount (Mt) Delight See Pringle Notes
Mount (Mt) Madison Springs See Pringle Notes
Mount Pleasant House See Carroll, Coos Co.
Mountorne (Mt. Orne) See Pringle Notes
Mount Sunapee See Newbury
Mount Vernon Hillsborough Co.
Mount View House See Whitefield
Mount Washington Summit See Sargent's Purchase
Mount Whittier Station See Ossipee
Mountain Park See Woodstock
Mountain View Station See Ossipee
Munsonville See Nelson
Murray Hill See Hill
Mutton Road See Webster


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Nahors See Peterborough
Nashua Hillsborough Co.
Nashville Hillsborough Co.
Nason Corners See Hampton Falls
Nelson Cheshire Co.
New Amesbury See Warner
New Boston Hillsborough Co.
New Boston Road See Franklin
New Bradford See Bradford
New Breton See Andover
New Castle Rockingham Co.
New Chester See Hill
New Dam See Somersworth
New Durham Strafford Co.
New Durham Corner See New Durham
New Durham Gore See Alton
New Garden See Ossipee
New Grantham See Grantham
New Hampton (town name) Merrimack Co.
New Hampton Road See Franklin
New Hampton Village SeeNew Hampton, Belknap Co
New Hampton Station See Pringle Notes
New Holderness See Holderness
New Hopkinton See Hopkinton
New Ipswich Hillsborough Co.
New London Merrimack Co.
New Portsmouth See Middleton
New Rye Merrimack Co.
New Salem See Meredith
Newbury Merrimac Co.
Newfields Rockingham Co.
Newichawaunat See Dover
Newington Rockingham Co.
Newington Station See Newington
Newmarket Rockingham Co.
Newmarket See Warner
Newport Sullivan Co.
Newton Rockingham Co.
Newton Junction See Newton
Newtown See Alstead
Nissitissit See Hollis
Noble's Island See Portsmouth
Noone See Peterborough
North Barnstead See Barnstead
North Beach See Hampton
North Benton See Benton
North Branch See Antrim
North Brookline See Brookline
North Charlestown See Charlestown
North Chatham See Chatham
North Chester See Chester
North Chichester See Chichester
North Conway Carroll Co.
North Danville See Danville
North Dorchester See Dorchester
North Effingham See Freedom
North End See Keene
North Epping See Epping
North Grantham See Grantham
North Groton See Groton
North Hampton Rockingham Co.
North Hampton Center See North Hampton
North Haverhill Grafton Co.
North Hinsdale See Hinsdale
North Lancaster See Pringle Notes
North Lee See Lee
North Londonderry See Londonderry
North Newport Post Office See Newport
North Nottingham See Nottingham
North Pelham See Pelham
North Pembroke See Pembroke
North Richmond See Richmond
North Rochester See Rochester
North Salem See Salem
North Sanbornton See Sanbornton
North Sandwich See Sandwich
North Strafford Strafford Co.
North Stratford See Stratford
North Sutton Merrimack Co.
North Village see Littleton
North Village See Peterborough
North Wakefield See Wakefield
North Walpole Cheshire Co.
North Weare Hillsborough Co.
North Wilmot See Wilmot
North Wolfeboro See Wolfeboro
North Woodstock Grafton Co.
Northam See Dover
Northfield Merrimac Co.
Northfield Station See Northfield
Northumberland Coos Co.
Northville See Newport
Northwood Rockingham Co.
Northwood Center See Northwood
Northwood Narrows See Northwood
Northwood Ridge See Northwood
Notchland See Hart's Location
Notre Dame See Manchester
Nottingham Rockingham Co.
Nottingham Center See Nottingham
Nottingham Square See Nottingham
Nottingham West See Hudson
Number 1 See Chesterfield
Number 1 1 See Mason
Number 4 4 See Charlestown
Number 6 6See Henniker
Number 7 See Hillsborough
Nutfield See Londonderry
Nuttings Beach See Bristol


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Odell Coos Co.
Oliverian See Pringle Notes
Onaway Lake See Pringle Notes
Orange Grafton Co.
Orford Grafton Co.
Orfordville Grafton Co.
Osborn See Pringle Notes
Ossipee Carroll Co.
Ossipee Gore Carroll Co.
Otterville See New London
Oyster River See Durham

P & Q

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Packersfield See Nelson
Pages Corner See New London
Page's Corner See Dunbarton
Paris See Dummer
Park Hill See Westmoreland
Parker See Goffstown
Parshley's Corner See Strafford
Partridge Hill See Somersworth
Pascataquack see Portsmouth
Passaconaway Carroll Co.
Pattee Station See Canaan
Pattenville See Littleton
Paulsburgh see Milan
Pearl's Corner See Loudon
Pearson Hill See Webster
Peeling See Woodstock
Pelham Hillsborough Co.
Pelham Center See Pelham
Pembroke Merrimac Co.
Pembroke Hill See Pembroke
Penacook See Concord
Penacook See Concord
Pequawkett See Tamworth
Percy See Stark
Perry's Town See Sutton
Peterborough Hillsborough Co.
Peterborough Slip See Temple
Philbrick's Corner See Kensington
Pickering See Rochester
Pierce Bridge See Bethlehem
Piermont Grafton Co.
Piermont Village See Piermont
Pig-Pen Corner See New Durham
Pigwacket See Conway
Pike Grafton Co.
Pinardville See Manchester
Pine Cliff See Newbury
Pine River See Effingham
Pine Valley See Milford
Pinkham Notch Camp See Pinkham's Grant
Pinkham's Grant Coos Co.
Piscataqua See Newington
Pittsburg Coos Co.
Pittsfield Merrimac Co.
Pittsfield Upper City See Loudon
Place See Farmington
Plaice Cove See Hampton
Plainfield Sullivan Co.
Plaistow Rockingham Co.
Pleasant Street See Loudon
Pleasant Valley See Franklin
Pleasant Valley See Middleton
Plymouth Grafton Co.
Point of Pines See Newbury
Pond District See Franklin
Ponemah See Amherst
Poocham See Westmoreland
Poplin See Freemont
Portsmouth Rockingham Co.
Portsmouth Parade See Portsmouth
Portsmouth Plains See Portsmouth
Potter Place See Andover
Powwow River See East Kingston
Pratt See Mason
Pratts Corners See Plainfield
Profile Falls See Hill
Prospect Hill See Franklin
Protectworth See Springfield
Province Lake See Wakefield
Puckershire See Claremont
Quaker City See Unity
Quebec Junction See Carroll
Quincy See Rumney
Quint See Conway
Quintown See Orford


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Rabbitt Hollow See Winchester
Raby see Brookline
Rand See Rindge
Randolph Coos Co.
Randolph Hill See Randolph
Ravine House See Randolph
Raymond Rockingham Co.
Redstone See Conway
Reed's Ferry See Merrimack
Rethan See Enfield
Richardson See Milford
Richmond Cheshire Co.
Rindge Cheshire Co.
Rindgemere See Rochester
Rings Corner See Pittsfield
Riverdale See Concord
Riverdale See Weare
Riverhill See Concord
Riverton See Jefferson
Robinson Corner See Grafton
Roby See Warner
Roby Corner See Springfield
Rochester Strafford Co.
Rochester Hill See Rochester
Rochester Neck See Rochester
Rockingham See Newfields
Rockingham Junction See Newfields
Rockwood See Fitzwilliam
Rocky Hill See Somersworth
Rockywold See Holderness
Roland Park See Ossipee
Rollins Farms See Newington
Rollinsford Strafford Co.
Rollinsford Junction See Rollinsford
Roundys Corner See Gilsum
Rowantown See Pringle Notes
Rowes Corner See Newton
Rowe's Corner See Hooksett
Rowley Canada See Rindge
Roxbury Cheshire Co.
Roxbury Center See Roxbury
Rumford See Concord
Rumney Grafton Co.
Rumney Depot See Rumney
Russell See Greenfield
Russell Farm See Woodstock
Ryder Corner See Croydon
Rye Rockingham Co.
Rye Beach Rockingham Co.
Rye Center See Rye
Rye North Beach See Rye
Ryefields See Manchester


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Sabattus Heights See Loudon
Sagamore Hill See Portsmouth
Salem Rockingham Co.
Salem Canada see Lyndeborough
Salem Depot Rockingham Co.
Salisbury Merrimac Co.
Salisbury Heights See Salisbury
Salmon Falls See Rollinsford
Sanbornton Belknap Co.
Sanbornton Bay See Sanbornton
Sanbornton Chapel See Sanbornton
Sanbornton Square See Sanbornton
Sanbornville See Wakefield
Sandbank See Manchester
Sanders See Gilford
Sandown Rockingham Co.
Sandwich Carroll Co.
Sandy Beach See Rye
Sargent See Weare
Sargent's Grant Coos Co.
Sargent's Purchase Coos Co.
Saville See Wendell (Sunapee)
Sawyers See Dover
Sawyer's Location See Nash & Sawyers Location
Sawyers River See Hart's Location
Scotland See Winchester
Scott See Dalton
Scribners Corner See Salisbury
Seabrook Rockingham Co.
Seabrook Beach See Seabrook
Seabrook Station See Seabrook
Second College Grant Coos Co.
Severance See Auburn
Sewalls Point See Wolfeboro
Shackford Corners See Barnstead
Shaker Village See Canterbury
Sharon Hillsborough Co.
Shaws Corner See Franklin
Shaws Corner See Surry
Shelburne Coos Co.
Shelburne Addition See Gorham
Shirley Hill See Goffstown
Shoreyville See Rochester
Short Falls See Epsom
Side Track See Pringle Notes
Silk Farm Road See Concord
Silver Hill See Concord
Silver Lake See Madison
Sleep City See Claremont
Sleep City See Weare
Smith Hill Road See Franklin
Smith Meeting House See Gilmanton
Smith Village See New Ipswich
Smiths Corner See Salisbury
Smithtown See Seabrook
Smoky Hollow See Somersworth
Snaptown See Concord
Snowville See Eaton
Snumshire See Charlestown
Snyders Mill See Webster
Society Land See Antrim
Society Land See Deering
Somersworth Strafford Co.
Soo Nipi Park See New London
Souhegan East See Bedford
Souhegan East See Merrimac
Souhegan West See Amherst
South Ackworth Sullivan Co.
South Albany See Albany
South Alexandria See Alexandria
South Barnstead See Barnstead
South Barrington See Barrington
South Bennington See Greenfield
South Charlestown Sullivan Co.
South Chatham See Chatham
South Conway See Conway
South Cornish See Cornish
South Danbury See Danbury
South Danville See Danville
South Deerfield Rockingham Co.
South Effingham See Effingham
South End See Surry
South Hampton Rockingham Co.
South Hemlock See Charlestown
South Hooksett See Hooksett
South Keene See Keene
South Kingston Rockingham Co.
South Lancaster See Lancaster
South Lee Strafford Co.
South Lydeborough Hillsborough Co.
South Merrimack Hillsborough Co.
South Milford See Milford
South Newbury See Newbury
South Newmarket Rockingham Co.
South Part See Langdon
South Pittsfield See Pittsfield
South Seabrook See Seabrook
South Stoddard See Stoddard
South Sutton Merrimack Co.
South Tamworth Carroll Co.
South Weare Hillsborough Co.
South Wolfeboro Carroll Co.
South Woods See Alstead
Spofford See Chesterfield
Spragueville See Swanzey
Spring Haven See Alton
Springfield Sullivan Co.
Springfield Junction See Charlestown
Squantum See Jaffrey
Squog See Manchester
Stag Hollow See Jefferson
Stark Coos Co.
Stark's Town See Dunbarton
Starr King See Jefferson
State Line See Fitzwilliam
Steven's Town See Salisbury
Stewart See Stewartstown
Stewartstown Coos Co.
Stewartstown Hollow See Stewartstown
Stinson Lake See Rumney
Stockbridge Corners See Alton
Stoddard Cheshire Co.
Stoddard Center See Stoddard
Stoneham Corners See Brookfield
Strafford Strafford Co.
Strafford Blue Hill See Strafford
Strafford Corner See Strafford
Strafford Post Office See Strafford
Stratford Coos Co.
Stratham Rockingham Co.
Stratham Heights See Stratham
Stratham Station See Greenland
Straw Point See Rye
Strawberry Bank See Portsmouth
Success Coos Co.
Sugar Ball See Concord
Sugar Hill Grafton Co.
Sugar Hill Station See Sugar Hill
Sullivan Cheshire Co.
Sunapee Sullivan Co.
Suncook (part) See Allenstown
Suncook (part) See Pembroke
Surry Cheshire Co.
Surry Village See Surry
Sutton Merrimac Co.
Swainboro Station See Rumney
Swamscott Falls See Exeter
Swanzey Cheshire Co.
Swanzey Factory See Swanzey
Swanzey Station See Swanzey
Swetts Mills See Webster
Swiftwater See Bath
Symondsville See Marlow


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Tamworth Carroll Co.
Tappan Corners See East Kingston
Tarbell See Peterborough
Tattle Point See Portsmouth
Temple Hillsborough Co.
Terrace Hill See Gilford
The Bog See Concord
The Burrough See Concord
The Creek See Portsmouth
The Flat See Franklin
The Glen Coos Co.
The Hill See Somersworth
The Lookout See Portsmouth
The Pines See Bow
The Pines See Somersworth
The Plains See Somersworth
The Plains See Tilton
The Rock See Somersworth
The Valley See Manchester
The Weirs Belknap Co.
The Willows See Hampton
Thomas See Rindge
Thompson & Meserve Purchase Coos Co.
Thompson Corner See Salisbury
Thornton Grafton Co.
Thornton Gore See Thornton
Thornton's Ferry See Merrimack
Tilton Belknap Co.
Timber Lane See Hampstead
Tinkerville See Columbia
Tinkerville See Lyman
Tioga See Belmont
Tirrell Hill See Goffstown
Toland See Dover
Trapshire See Charlestown
Trapshire Sullivan Co.
Trecothick See Ellsworth
Trefetherns Corner See Rye
Tripoli Mill See Livermore
Troy Cheshire Co.
Tuftonborough Carroll Co.
Turtletown See Concord
Twin Mountain See Carroll
Tyler See Hopkinton

U & V

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Union See Wakefield
Unity Sullivan Co.
Up in Town See Pringle Notes
Upper Ashuelot See Keene
Upper Cohos See Lancaster
Upper Factory See Dover
Upper Kidderville See Colebrook
Upper Shaker Village See Enfield
Upper Square See Dover
Valley of Industry See Boscawen


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Wadleigh Falls See Lee
Wakefield Carroll Co.
Walker Hill See Langdon
Wallis Sands See Rye
Walnut Grove See Rochester
Walpole Cheshire Co.
Warner Merrimac Co.
Warner's Location Coos Co.
Warren Grafton Co.
Washburn Corner See Springfield
Washington Sullivan Co.
Water Village See Ossipee
Waterloo See Warner
Waterville Grafton Co.
Waterville Valley Grafton Co.
Waumbek Junction See Jefferson
Wawbeek See Tuftonboro
Weare Hillsborough Co.
Webb See Marlborough
Webster Merrimack Co.
Webster See Pringle Notes
Webster Lake See Franklin
Webster Place See Franklin
Webster Town House See Webster
Websters Mills See Chichester
Weeks Crossing See Warren
Wellington Reservation See Bristol
Wendell See Sunapee
Wentworth Grafton Co.
Wentworth Village See Wentworth
Wentworth's Location Coos Co.
West Alton See Alton
West Andover See Andover
West Barrington See Barrington
West Brentwood Rockingham Co.
West Campton Grafton Co.
West Canaan Grafton Co.
West Center Harbor Center Harbor
West Chesterfield Cheshire Co.
West Claremont Sullivan Co.
West Concord See Concord
West Deering See Deering
West Epping Rockingham Co.
West Hampstead See Hampstead
West Henniker See Henniker
West Hill See Surry
West Hollis See Hollis
West Hopkinton Merrimack Co.
West Keene See Keene
West Kingston See Kingston
West Lebanon Grafton Co.
West Manchester See Manchester
West Milan Coos Co.
West Nottingham See Nottingham
West Ossipee Carroll Co.
West Parish See Concord
West Peterborough Hillsborough Co.
West Plymouth See Plymouth
West Rindge Cheshire Co.
West Rumney Post Office See Rumney
West Rye See Rye
West Salisbury See Salisbury
West Side See Bridgewater
West Springfield Sullivan Co.
West Stewartstown Coos Co.
West Swansey Cheshire Co.
West Thornton Grafton Co.
West Unity See Unity
West Wilton See Wilton
West Windham See Windham
Westboro See Lebanon
Westmoreland Cheshire Co.
Westmoreland Depot See Westmoreland
Westport See Swanzey
Westville Rockingham Co.
Whipples See Pringle Notes
White Mountain Camp See Tamworth
White Mountain Park See Meredith
Whiteface See Sandwich
Whitefield Coos Co.
Whitefield Coos Co
Whitefield Junction see Whitefield
Whittemore Flats See Manchester
Whittier Carroll Co.
Wilder See New Ipswich
Wildwood See Easton
Willey See Manchester
Willey House See Hart's Location
Willowdale See Pringle Notes
Willow Hill See Franklin
Wilmot Merrimac Co.
Wilmot Flat Merrimack Co.
Wilson See Londonderry
Wilson Corners See Salem
Wilson Hill See Manchester
Wilton Hillsborough Co.
Wilton Center See Wilton
Winchester Cheshire Co.
Windham Rockingham Co.
Windham Depot See Windham
Windsor Hillsborough Co.
Wing Road See Bethlehem
Wing's Tavern See Albany
Winnicot see Stratham
Winnicumet see Hampton
Winnipesaukee See Moultonborough
Winnisquam See Belmont
Winnisquam (part) See Tilton
Winona See New Hampton
Witcherville See Landaff
Wolfborough Bridge see Wolfeboro
Wolfeboro Carroll Co.
Wolfeboro Center See Wolfeboro
Wolfeboro Falls Carroll Co.
Wonalancet See Tamworth
Woodclyffe See Newbury
Woodlands See Alton
Woodman See Wakefield
Woodmere See Rindge
Woodstock Grafton Co.
Woodsville See Haverhill
Woodvale See Somersworth

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York Pond See Berlin
Youngsville See Manchester
Zealand See Carroll

Pringle Notes
by James S. Pringle, Ph.D., Plant Taxonomist, Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (we thank you very much Jim)

Alpine-This, not very appropriately, was the railroad's name for the locality where what is now Route 4 crossed the railroad (now gone) between Andover and East Andover (= Halcyon, for the railroad).

Avalanche P.O.--Avalanche Brook Station. Former names (too negative?) for Willey House.(Grant's Atlas,)

Ballou City-You already have it as Ballou, but this variant is used in the AMC Guide, 1960 ed.

Boy Mountain Station-This was on the railroad that formerly ran from Whitefield to Berlin, where it crossed the road north from Jefferson Notch. You'll find it in the 1916 edition of the AMC Trail Guide.

Bridgewater Station-I believe that briefly, there was a Bridgewater Station where the railroad (now gone) went through the extreme northeast corner of Bridgewater, remote from the village.The railroad only went through Bridgewater for a very short distance, but I believe there was a serious wreck there.

Bungy - There was another, near, but distinct from, Wildwood, about where Routes 112 and 116 intersect.This is on old road maps.Its existence was confirmed by Robert S. Monahan (now deceased), former Dartmouth College Forester, who before getting that job was employed by the WMNF and lived at Wildwood.

Carrigain- You already have this former community on the railroad through Crawford Notch as "Mt. Carrigain," but I think it should be cross-referenced.I have seen it as "Carrigain" on old maps and in a recent book on ghost towns. (Being interested in "horticultural archaeology," I noticed especially that, according to the aforementioned book, the gardens were so impressive that when the town faded away the ornamental plants were moved to the grand hotels in the Bretton Woods area.)

Chemung- This is a real omission.To Laconians, at least in the 1950s, Chemung is or was the paradigm of ruralness and in more recent terms, being "out of it."Old topo maps show houses clusted in something more like a settlement than would be discerned now, southwest of Meredith Center, east of Meredith Hill.There's a Chemung State Forest in the area now.

Coos P.O. -= North Stratford, 1888.

East Gilford- In current use for more or less a concentration of residences between the Gunstock ski area and the Gilford-Alton line.

Fittsville- Former name of Cheever.

Gale River- Station on the Profile & Franconia Notch Railroad. The line ran due south from Bethlehem Jct. (= Pierce Bridge) for a few miles, then curved to the west before going south again.This station was located about where it first curved.

Golf Links- Station on the P. & F.N., ca. 2.2 mi N of the last station at Profile House.(AMC Guide, 1916, for these two.)

Hillville- Probably the same as the community later called Uplands or Canterbury Uplands.(Grant's Atlas.)(Uplands was still reasonably distinct as a community ca. 1954, but was rather a hazy concept in 2000, what with the school gone and newer buildings in the area being more dispersed.)

Horse Meadows- Station between Blackmount (= North Haverhill) and Woodsville.

Jamestown- In current or at least recent use for part of Belmont. I believe it's northwest of the village of Belmont.

Jefferson Junction- When there was a branch line up to Jefferson, this was the name for the railroad point that later became Jefferson Station and still later Highlands.

Jefferson Mills- Old name (in use 1872) for Riverton.

Keewaydin- A railroad point about halfway between Alton Bay and Loon Cove. Might be the same as Brookdale. I haven't seen both on the same map or list, and the railroad may have thought that Brookdale and Brookhurst (one on each side of Loon Cove) were too easily confused. Or they might not be the same. Those little stations and flag stops averaged only about a mile apart on that line.

Lafayette- I belive that there was a station called Lafayette on the railroad line (now gone) between Wing Road and Base Station, where it crosses the road between Pierce Bridge and Wing Road. I haven't seen it on a map nor in the list of stations cited below. Ca. 1954 I was riding in a car with some friends along that road and we saw a small, weatherbeaten building that appeared to have a name board that said "Lafayette" along the ridgepole. We found that it was standing by the old railroad bed across a field from the road, about a quarter of a mile east of the point where the road turns north and crosses the railroad bed. A few years later I went back and found the building wrecked in situ, with no trace of the name board. Still later there was no scrap lumber or anything else.

Louisville- Southwest of Bartlett, near the confluence of Louisville and Albany brooks.

Montcalm- Between East Plainfield and Enfield Center; probably an old post-office name for West Enfield. This name, which appeared in atlases of long ago, was revived when they built the Interstate. Another name, which I don't recall, was either resurrected or coined afresh to give a destination name for the next exit. Whatever it is, you'll see it if you drive from New London to Lebanon.

Mt. Delight- About halfway between Deerfield and New Rye, on the Rockingham side of the county line. (Grant's Bankers and Brokers Railroad Atlas, 1888.)

Mt. Madison Springs- Another name for Mineral Spring (station, Gorham).

Mountorne- (maybe sometimes two words). Railroad name for South Lancaster.

New Hampton Station- An early designation for Winona.

North Lancaster- Near the river and the Northumberland town line. (Warren's Common-School Geography, 1872.)

Oliverian- Railroad name for East Haverhill.

Onway Lake- Community between East Candia and Raymond, at the west end of the lake by that name, and station or flag stop on the railroad (now gone) from Manchester to Portsmouth. I was a passenger on a train on that line once, and remember seeing the railroad name board (no building at that time) although we didn't stop there. Onway Lake appears on some present-day road maps.

Osborn- On the road, which may now be only a trail, between Lyme Center and North Dorchester. See Texaco road map, 1932.

Rowantown- In the southern part of Wentworth, where to this day there's a Rowantown Road shown on the new atlas that's in all the bookstores. I heard that years ago this really looked like a deserted village--that people left hurriedly, leaving the furniture, dishes on the table, etc., when smallpox broke out, but I can't vouch for the accuracy of that story. When I was there in the late 1960s, it was all wooded; there was one hunting camp, which might or might not have been an original residence, and otherwise just cellar holes and other such evidence of house sites, including Rosa gallica. (= apothecaries' rose. Horticultural relics at ghost towns)

Side Track- Same as Quint.

Up in Town- Used with capitals in the Citizen for the portion of Laconia north of Lake Opechee

Webster- In addition to being that of the town near Franklin, this was the name of a point on the Kilkenny Railroad, east of Whipples (below), Coös Co., in Kilkenny.

Whipples- On the Kilkenny Railroad, east of the junction at Lancaster, west of Webster, probably within the bounds of Lancaster. Beyond Webster was Kilkenny, where the line ended. Whipples was about as far east as there were ever roads near the railroad, and the name may have been derived from a boardinghouse or farm.

Willowdale- Railroad name for South Littleton. (Several sources.)