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Source: History of Goffstown, NH, 1733-1920, by George P. Hadley, 1922, Chapter 24, pp. 292-298
Retyped and reformatted by Kathy Leigh© August 22, 2001

Please note that this list is as published in the book and is not necessarily in alphabetical order.


Aiken, John D.
Andrews, Calvin
Aiken, Benjamin F.
Aiken, A. J.
Aiken, E. B.
Addison, John, Heirs
Addison, George, Heirs
Aiken and Scribner
Aiken, Samuel 0.
Aiken, Edward F.
Aiken, Charles F.
Aiken, John C.
Ayer, Robert
Aiken, Alvin R.
Atherton, Charles
Annis, Amos H., Mrs.
Annis, Edwin S.
Anderson, David
Austin, Jeremiah
Austin, Daniel B.
Adams, John
Annis, A. H.
Butterfield, John
Butterfield, Thomas R.
Butler, Daniel T.
Blaisdell, B. F.
Blaisdell, C. J. K., Mrs.
Bowers, Thaddeus C.
Blaisdell, Henry E.
Blaisdell, Henry, 2nd
Blaisdell, Gilman
Blaisdell, Hezekiah
Blaisdell, Stephen
Blaisdell, Edwin A.
Blnisdell, Henry, 3rd
Bell, Frederick
Brown, Robinson
Bell, Mrs. E. and Jonathan
Balch, Moses
Balch, Charles S.
Bell, Charles
Barnard, Samuel M.
Bartlett, Joseph
Black, James, Heirs
Black, Horace W.
Burroughs, Henry
Burpee, B. P.
Burpee and Carr
Barrett, George L.
Burns, Joshua
Bartlett, John
Burns, C. K.
Brown, John M.
Barr, Daniel
Batchelder, Nancy
Beede, J. L.
Belcher, William, Heirs
Bemis, Horace
Blodgett, Henry
Belcher, David R.
Barnard, Charles G.
Bradbury, Charles
Bell, Ira L.
Bailey, Clarence
Beard, Cleveland
Blood, Hazen
Buxton, James
Baptist Society
Buxton, James, and William G.
Bent, F. A.
Burnham, John, Heirs
Buxton, William G.
Carr, Alonzo F.
Conner, H. G. W., Mrs.
Cram, Eben W.
Carr, David S.
Carr, D. S., Mrs.
Clifford, Mary E.
Colby, Edward
Christie, Samuel M.
Cram, Joseph
Cram, Leonard
Cheney, Jesse
Carr, Jonathan G.
Cheney and Co.
Collins, Aaron
Cilley, Simmons B.
Colby, Thomas
Colby, Francis 0.
Cheney, Charles W.
Cheney, Charles W., Jr.
Cheney, John E.
Colby, Alfred
Carr, Jesse
Cunningham, William
Colby, Henry E.
Cunningham, Frank
Cox, George
Curtis, E., Heirs
Conner, James
Clark, George A.
Clark, Robert J.
Conner, Mary Elizabeth
Colburn, Samuel
Clark, Nehemiah
Colby, Alvah
Colby, Eben C.
Drowne, Fred L.
Drowne, J. D.
Dodge, John G.
Dodge, John G., Jr.
Dunlap, Samuel
Dunlap, John
Durgin, Daniel
Donavan, Thomas
Dewey, I. R.
Dunham, Emerson
Davis, Cordelia A.
Dow, Benjamin
Davis, Daniel G.
Downer, George W.
Day, Jonathan F.
Day, Alonzo
Day, William
Dow, Samuel
Dow, Samuel J.
Dailey, William
Dunlap and Harriman
Dwinnells, Stephen
Eaton, George M.
Emerson, George
Emerson, Moses
Elliott, Samuel P.
Elliott, Samuel, Mrs.
Elliott, David
Eaton and Greer
Foss, Joseph 0.
Flint, Francis F.
Follansbee, Buswell
Ferson, James
Flint, F. F., and Amos Merrill
Ferson, John
Ferson, William D.
Flanders, Jacob A.
Flanders, Gideon
Flanders, Charles A.
Farley, Gilman F.
Ferson, David S.
Flanders, Gideon, Heirs
Flanders, Edwin
Fillebrown, Samuel R.
Flanders, Henry L.
Flanders, William C.
Fletcher, Edwin
Fitch, George E.
Follansbee, Jacob
Foy, John
Gregg, D., and D.
Grant, David S.
Gerould, Samuel L.
Goffstown Manufaet'riing Co.
Goodwin, Nathan
Gault, George E.
Gault, John
Greer, John
Gilchrist, John
Gilchrist, S. B.
George, Charles
George, Albert H.
George, Cyrus
George, James H.
George, Nathaniel
Greer, Luther B.
Gould, Henry B.
Gould, William
Greer, B., and J.
Greer, Benjamin
Greer and Johnson
Greer, John G.
Greer, Benjamin F.
Greer, Henry E.
Gilmore, Joseph B.
Gilmore, Whitefield
Gilbert, Charles
Gray, George A.
George, Leonard N.
Greer, Lewis H.
Hadley, Joseph
Hadley, Franklin
Hadley, Peter E.
Hadley, Peter E., 2nd
Hadley, Nathaniel
Hadley, Nathaniel, Heirs
Hadley, George P.
Hadley, William
Hadley, George P., and William
Hadley, Luther
Hadley, Charles H.
Hadley, Alvin
Hadley, George P., 2nd
Hadley, Henry W.
Hadley, Lucy
Hadley, Lucinda L.
Hills, Samuel E.
Hart, William H. H.
Hopkins, William D.
Hadley and Moore
Hart, Philip, Heirs
Hazen, William E.
Hazen, Andrew J.
Henry, George P.
Haradon, John S.
Hill, Henry
Harriman, Warren
Harriman, Benjamin F.
Hoyt, Thomas R.
Harriman, John L.
Hodgman, Samuel
Harriman, Sarah
Haselton, Charles
Hadley, Plummer, Heirs
Hazen, Horace
Harriman, Amos, Mrs.
Harriman, Warren, 2nd
Haselton, Jonathan
Hammond, Cyrus H.
Hoit, Ziba A.
Hunkins, James B.
Hardy, John C.
Hunkins, Lucian D.
Hunkins, George W.
Hayward Abigail, Mrs.
Hardy, A. F.
Hoit, Abner
Hoit, Joseph B.
Hoit, Daniel W.
Hoit, William A.
Hoit, George H.
Hoit, Hiram S.
Johnson, E., and Co.
Junkins, Jesse E.
Johnson, Charles H.
Jones, Thomas J., Mrs.
Johnson, Rodney
Johnson, Sylvanus D.
Jones, Eliphalet
Jones, Thomas H.
Jones, Moody B.
Jones, John B.
Jones, J. P., Mrs.
Johonnett, Emerson L.
Johnson, Rodney, and Co.
Johnson, Henry H.
Johnson and Nichols
Jones, Lorenzo
Johonnett, Albert
Johnson and Greer
Johnson, Elijah
Kidder, David S.
Kendall, Kendrick
Kidder, George
Kidder, George, Mrs.
Kennedy, Joseph
Kennedy, Joseph D., Heirs
Kimball, N.E.
Kidder, Calvin
Knowles, A. J.
Kidder, Daniel
Kidder, Horace
Kidder, Luther
Kidder, Leonard
Kidder, A., Mrs.
Kidder, Samuel
Kidder, Edwin
Kidder, Sylvanus
Kidder, Bradley
Kidder, John, 2nd
Kennedy, John H.
Kidder, S. A.
Kidder, Job
Kidder, William S.
Kidder, Albert
Kendall, Hadley, and Co.
Kennedy, Edwin
Little, Daniel, 2nd
Livingstone, H. L.
Lovejoy, Mary, Mrs.
Lovejoy, John
Little, John S.
Little, Daniel
Lancaster, Charles H.
Lancaster, Henry
Little, Augusta F.
Lawrence, Stephen
Little, Silas W.
Little, S. W., and Julia A.
Little, Julia A., Mrs.
Little and Moore
Little, Taylor
Little, A. P.
Lucian, John B.
Leach, Jonathan G., Heirs
Leizer, Mary A., Mrs.
Lincoln, Otis B.
Lewis, Moses
Mahoney, John
Manning, Abel
Murphy, John
Moore, Orren
Moore, Edwin
Merrill, William H., Mrs.
Merrill, William H.
Moore, Harry H.
Moore, John
Morgrage, Charles
Morrison, Mrs.
Manning, John P.
McDougall, James
Moore, George B.
Moore, William
McDougall, Andrew
McAllister, David A.
Moore, Byron C.
Moore, Benton
Mitchell, Philip
Moulton, T. F., Heirs
Morrow, John
Merrill, Nicholas S.
Merrill, N., and B. F.
McLane, William
Melinda, Mary
Melinda, Hamilton
Moore, Betsey, Mrs.
Moore, Gilman
Merrill, L. G.
Merrill, Hibbard S.
Merrill, Nathan D.
Merrill, Augustus
Merrill, Warren H.
Merrill, Alamando
Merrill, S. J.
Merrill, N. V.
Martin, Elnathan W.
Martin, Charles H.
Merrill, Marzella
Martin, Francis
Martin, Francis B.
Martin, Van Buren
Martin, Francis, Mrs.
Martin, Henry F.
Martin, Luther P.
Martin, William P.
Morgrage, Daniel V.
McDole, James
Merrill, Frederick G.
Moulton, Hamilton
Merrill, Charles H.
Moore, Henry
McIntire, J. C.
Miller, Jason
Miller, Charles
Miller, Jason, Jr.
Merrill, Amos H.
McClintock, Hiel
McCluer, James G.
Miller, William F.
Nay, William
Nichols, Jesse
Nute, John
Nichols, Hadley, and Co.
Orr, Samuel
Ordway, Moses C.
Otis, William L.
Philbrick, George G.
Patterson, David
Pierce, Frank
Pierce, Charlton K.
Pierce, Andrew J.
Pierce, Z. Taylor
Pierce, Oliver B.
Pierce, Humphrey C. P.
Plumer, Jesse T.
Plumer, Gilman
Plumer, Daniel
Peacock, John G.
Pennock, Ira W.
Poor, Samuel
Poor, Irad
Poor, Samuel, and Irad
Pollard, Mrs.
Parker, M. A., Mrs.
Poor, Alfred
Poor, George
Putnam, George
Poor, Joseph J.
Poor, Eliphalet R.
Poor, Martha A.
Poor, Benjamin
Poor, William H.
Poor, Willey C.
Pattee, David
Perley, John Q.
Parker, J. M., and D. A.
Pattee, D., and P. H.
Pattee, Jabez B.
Phelps, A. J.
Parker, George W.
Parker, David A.
Parker, John M.
Paige, D. Atwood
Phillips, Francis H.
Pattee, Philo H.
Pattee, Richard
Pattee, L. N.
Pennock, John
Paige, Randall W.
Poor, Edgar W.
Prescott, Jonathan A.
Quimby, Moses
Richards, Horace
Richards, Samuel
Richards, Eliphalet
Richards, Eliphalet, 2nd
Richards, Isaiah
Richards, Nelson
Richardson, John K.
Richards, E., 2nd, and Warren
Robie, Moors, Heirs
Robertson, Leonard
Robertson, Gilman
Roberts, William L.
Regnor, Nelson
Reoune, Francis
Richardson, William
Richards, Abram
Rowell, C. D.
Richards, Charles
Riley, D. M., Mrs.
Roberts, Martha, Mrs.
Riley, David A.
Richardson, Horace L.
Roberts, Eli P.
Roberts, J. G.
Richards, William
Richards and Nichols
Richards, George W.
Richards, Horace T.
Richards, Thaddeus W.
Richards, John
Rowe, Ezeriah
Rogers, Jonathan
Richards, Warren S., Mrs.
Richards, Calvin
Richards, Luther
Russell, A. W.
Richardson, John
Roberts, Daniel B.
Richards, James
Richards, George K.
Richards, Alonzo D.
Richardson, James
Roberts, B. H.
Richards, T. W., and Benjamin
Stiles, James
Stowell, Caleb C.
Stevens, Thomas
Story, Richards, and Warren
Stratton, Sewell
Sargent, Thomas
Shirley, Robert
Shirley, Edward C.
Shirley, Robert M.
Shirley, William
Shirley, Daniel
Shirley, E. C., and D.
Sargent, Ervin P.
Stevens, Alfred
Shirley and Robertson
Shirley, Nancy, Mrs.
Sawyer, Clement
Stevens, Harvey
Stevens, J. S.
Schnauder, Frank
Smith, Jonathan
Sealis, Ferdinand
Stearns, Henry B.
Stearns, Augustus
Stearns, Nathan
Stevens, B. F., and Co.
Stevens, B., heirs
Stearns, Lucian A.
Stevens, B. F.
Stevens, Horace
Stevens, William R.
Spencer, Charles
Small, Jefferson
Stearns, Cyrus
Smith, Watson W.
Story, Alfred
Sargent, Luther
Sargent, Lewis
Stinson, William
Steele and Pattee
Story, Gilman
Smith, Ambrose
Smith, Charles E.
Stevens, Jonathan, Jr.
Stevens, L. C.
Sargent, Calvin B.
Steele, David
Sherburne, James
Stark, Rodney G.
Smith, Alfred, Mrs.
Stark, Henry, and Frank
Savage, Andrew
Stinson, Charles
Story, Alfred, and Co.
Story, Charles W.
Story and Richards
Sargent, George R.
Sargent, Hannah
Story, George M.
Saulpaugh, Benjamin
Straw, E. J.
Sanborn, A. J.
Smith, Eleazer W.
Stevens, John S.
Story, Richards, and Butterfield
Stark, Lewis H.
Taggart, David M.
Tenney, S. S. J.
Tirrell, Henry J.
Taggart, Alexander
Tirrell, George E.
Thompson, Joseph
Towns, John
Tirrell, Hiram
Tewksbury, Hannah G.
Titus, George
Tirrell, Joseph
Tirrell, Jesse
Tirrell, Clinton H.
Thilcher, Charles
Tilton, William
Tibbetts, Stephen
Tirrell, Rodney
Teel, Samuel
Taggart, John L.
Taggart, James G.
Tewksbury, John
Tenney, S. J.
Tenney, Franklin
Thompson, Willard P.
Towns, George W.
Upham, Charles A.
Upham, George
Warren, William P.
Warren, George
Warren, Josiah
Warren, William C.
Warren, Granville P.
Warren, Daniel B.
Worthley, Phebe
Wicom, Harvey B.
Webber, T. P.
Webber, T. P., Mrs.
Wilkins, James
Warren and Richards
Weeks, William H.
Whittemore, Joseph
Witherspoon, David
Worthley, David
Wyman, Calvin
Worthley, T. R.
Worthley, Spurzheim
Wyman, James F.
Wilkins, Lysander G.
Wyman and Robertson
Woodbury, Daniel L.
Worthley, George
Wells, David
Worthley, Timothy
Wells, Stephen J.
Whipple, William S.
Weston, Samuel S.
Whitney, Elnathan
Woodbury, Seth
Whittle, Albert P.
Whipple, John, Mrs.
Whipple, John L.
Whipple, Amos W.
Whitney, John
Webber, Orrin
Wells, Thomas F.
Whitney, Artemas
Weston, Rebecca J.
Whipple, Charles
Woodbury, Alfred
Woodman, Frank H.
Whittemore, Albert

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