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Source: History of Goffstown, NH, 1733-1920, by George P. Hadley, 1922, Chapter 13, Page 105
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Goffstown Taxpayer List of 1761

George Addison
Randal Alexander
*James Barr
#Samuel Blodgett
Robert Davidson
Antipas Dodge
Job Dow
John Dow
William Dustin
James Eaton
Timothy Ferrin
Moses Gile
#John Goffe
Ebenezer Hackett
Thomas Hall
Leonard Harriman
John Holmes
James Karr
Dea. Thomas Karr
Thos. Karr Sr.
Thomas Karr Jr.
William Karr
*Joseph Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Job Kidder
*Daniel Marr
Daniel Martin
Ephraim Martin
Jonathan Martin
Joshua Martin
Samuel Martin Jr.
Samuel Martin Pr.
Robert Martin
David McCluer
William McDole
James Miller
Thomas Miller
Philip Noyes
Ebenezer Ordway
John Ordway
Joseph Ordway
Enoch Page
Asa Pattee
Benjamin Richards
Paris Richardson
John Smith
*Benjamin Stevens
Alexander Walker
Aaron Wells
Eleazer Wells Pr.
Eleazer Wells Jr.
Moses Wells

*Each pay for two polls; Joseph Kennedy pays the highest tax in town
#Are not taxed for a poll tax, but upon real estate.

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