From The Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire (in three parts), compiled from the best authorities, by Eliphalet Merrill and the Late Phinehas Merrill, Esq., Printed by C. Norris & Co., Exeter, NH, �1817, pg 131

Part Two of Gazetteer:

FISHERSFIELD - a township in Hillsborough county, incorporated in 1778, and now containing 563 inhabitants. It is bounded N. by New London, E. by Sutton, S. by Bradford, and W. by Cheshire county line which divides it from Goshen and Wendell, comprising an area of 19,332 acres. In the north part of the town lies Sunapee pond. Todd pond is on its southerly side. The latter is about 500 rods long and 60 wide. The westerly side of the town is broken and elevated, but most of its land is suited for grazing. There is in this town a Baptist meeting house, 8 or 10 mills and 3 stores.

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